Adult Craft Programs

A free adult craft activity is offered every month! No previous art experience is required.

  • Glue and scissors are not included.

  • Some craft kits are not suitable for children.

  • All kits offered while supplies last!

Pick up a kit at Main/Civic Center during RPL Express hours! 

To pick up at Bayview or West Side during Tableside Service, please call the branch and request a kit.

Black  White Poetry                                                                                                 

The September Adult/Teen Craft Kit is a Blackout Poetry & Blackout Art Kit.  It’s really fun though it might sound like homework but it’s not! 

 Blackout poetry is the art of finding one word per line of a sheet of words, in this case a page from a discarded book.  Make a box around the word you want to highlight then the rest of the line is crossed out.  

Blackout art is when sections of words are crossed out to make designs. At the easiest level, the page can just be used as a canvas on which to draw.  The kits come with instructions and many examples of both blackout forms.

 The kit come with 1 black marker, 1 red pen, 8 pages from a discarded/donated book.