Boards and Commissions

The City of Richmond encourages residents to participate in local government through participation on the City’s boards and commissions.  This opportunity allows residents to serve as the bridge between the community and the government by shaping and influencing public policy processes while offering varying viewpoints to local elected officials. 

Because there are so many boards and commissions that city residents can serve on, it is asked that applicants research and assess the different boards and commissions by attending meetings in order to understand the relative goals and expectations.

Application Intake Process

  • Submit appropriate application to the City Clerk’s Office
  • Application is forwarded to the Boards and Commissions Liaison in the Mayor’s Office
  • Email of receipt is sent to applicant
  • Applicant is asked to attend at least one monthly meeting for the board or commission they have applied for
  • Interview is scheduled
  • B&C Liaison provides input and recommendation to the mayor
  • Mayor makes final decision

For more information, contact Dominique Roache-Green, Director of Policy Initiatives, at (510) 620-6502 or