Volunteer at the City of Richmond


The City of Richmond is a vibrant hub of volunteerism consisting of dynamic community-based organizations with a rich history of utilizing volunteers. The City is also home to a host of dedicated, long-term volunteers, and even more residents and parents who are excited to get involved. Richmond ESC serves as a meeting place where volunteers can find opportunities with established community organizations and local agencies.

Mission Statement

We will positively impact the Richmond community to address the city's greatest challenges by utilizing the power of volunteers.

 Richmond ESC Logo

 "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"

-Mahatma Gandhi


For the next five years, Richmond ESC will focus on the following four priorities:
  1. BUILD the infrastructure and capacity of community-based organizations so they can efficiently and effectively leverage volunteers.
  2. RAISE awareness and mobilize communities to volunteer to address our community’s biggest challenges.
  3. ENGAGE parents, guardians, and other residents to support young adults and children’s educational development and health and wellness.
  4. EMPOWER neighborhoods to beautify and revitalize their own surroundings.

By building on existing efforts of Richmond community-based organizations and agencies we hope to significantly improve our likelihood of demonstrating success.

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 Volunteer Opportunities

Click on the link to learn about the department.

Arts and Culture
• City Manager's Office
• Code Enforcement
• Environmental Initiatives
• Public Library
• Public Works and Parks
• Recreation Department
For external opportunities visit www.RichmondVolunteers.org

 Toddler Volunteer

 How To Volunteer

Complete an on-line volunteer form to register with Richmond ESC, our impact volunteering program. You will be contacted for an interview to match your interests. After the interview, you will be placed with a department of your choice.