Veolia Services


Veolia Water North America is responsible for:

  • Operation and maintenance of the City's wastewater treatment facility.
  • Operation and maintenance of the sewer collection system.
  • Operation and maintenance of the stormwater collection system.
  • Emergency response for sewer problems and odors.
  • CIP construction services.

Veolia Water
601 Canal Blvd.
Richmond, CA  94804

Odor Hotline/24hr Emergency Number


Bay Area Air Quality Management

24-Hour Odor Hotline
800-334-ODOR (6367)

City of Richmond
Wastewater Division

450 Civic Center Plaza
Richmond, CA 94804
510-307-8091 Phone
510-307-8116 Fax

Veolia Contract & Amendments
Veolia Original Contract
Contract Amendment #1
Contract Amendment #2
Contract Amendment #3
Settlement Agreement
Contract Amendment #4
Contract Amendment #5

Veolia Reports

June 2019 Monthly Operating Report
May 2019 Monthly Operating Report
April 2019 Monthly Operating Report

March 2019 Monthly Operating Report
February 2019 Monthly Operating Report
January 2019 Monthly Operating Report
2018 Annual Operating Report
2017 Annual Operating Report
2016 Annual Operating Report
2015 Annual Operating Report
For older reports, go to the Document Center and click on the Veolia Reports tab.